Corporate social responsibility:
our CSR vision

We are committed to being an accountable partner. This means we seek to outperform the expectations of our customers, our communities and other stakeholders, while respecting the environment, protecting human health, ensuring safety, and promoting social and economic development in the countries in which we operate. To ensure we do this we measure our actions against two principles:

  • Don’t hurt anyone or anything – not our people, not our environment.
  • Do good – because there’s more than just a financial bottom line.

corporate social responsibility

Health and safety

We care about our employees’ health and safety, and therefore incorporate employee health and safety goals in our sustainability targets, our organizational goals and our strategic ambitions. We hold a variety of ISO and other certificates for our locations, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


CSR reporting

Every year we publish a Corporate Social Responsibility report setting out our efforts and progress in the material and sustainability topics we have defined. We base our CSR reporting on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - 4 guidelines. The most recent report can be found here. (Reporting year 2016/2017)


community programs

Community programs

We also believe in playing an active role in the community. We encourage and enable our employees to get involved in local community programs that will make a difference. One of the examples is our Laundry Project in Richmond (USA).

The Laundry Project helps less fortunate families by offering them free laundry facilities. In 2015, Holland Colours Americas helped 479 people, including 184 children, by providing 758 free laundry loads. Holland Colours also gave away laundry carts to help participants transport their laundry and provided volunteers to run the laundry days.

quote charlieI like coming to help and talk with people and getting to know them a little bit.

Charlie Baker, Holland Colours’ Receiving Department