Within the coatings market we offer optimized solutions for decorative (Holcolex) and industrial (Holcolac) tinting systems, supported with strong technical knowhow and comprehensive service. This service includes advising on color formulations, helping customers switch to more environmentally friendly coatings that are low VOC and APE-free, helping out with marketing materials, and advising on color trends and processing compatibility using the latest technologies.

Tinting for industrial coatings

Holcolac’s comprehensive selection of highly pigmented, non-aromatic colorants deliver superior opacity and weather fastness, as well as heat, light and chemical resistance. The series is widely compatible with diverse technologies, from short or long oiled alkyds to polyurethane, epoxy and NC systems. Holcolac is a series of colorants with a modular structure that makes it possible to design the ideal combination of colorants and base paints to match market demands for quality at the required cost level.


Tinting for decorative coatings for point-of-sale and in-plant production

The Holcolex range of universal water-based colorants meet all requirements across a wide range of water-borne and solvent-borne architectural and decorative coatings. Holcolex is solvent free and APE free, meeting and exceeding the requirements of current environmental legislation. Holcolex has been developed from a range of inorganic and organic pigments and offers a variety of pigment strengths.



As an independent specialist, Holland Colours has decades of experience in colorants for silicone compounding, components, solid silicone extrusion and pressing, and liquid silicone molding. Our manufacturing technology can help to reduce residual solvents and odors, and our products support simpler, less labor-intensive processing.

Holland Colours offers color solutions that together cover the full range of silicones and elastomers. All systems are high strength, low dosing, environmentally friendly, and show pumpable viscosity. They conform with American, European and Asian regulations, and California’s Proposition 65 Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. 


Compounding Industry – consistent base and custom colors

Color consistency is crucial when you are producing a wide variety of different silicone rubber compounds. We hold a wide range of standard base colors in stock, ready for immediate shipment. In addition, we can also create bespoke colors that provide a fast and reliable solution for specific color demands.

Automotive Industry – more control over your coloring costs

We work closely with producers of automotive parts, helping them to control their coloring costs with a range of LSR and HTV solutions. In an industry which demands quality, our perfectly matched colors deliver outstanding performance in silicone injection molding and silicone hot-press molding.

Building & Construction – support for flexible batch production

We have the color solution you need for window glazing, roofing, flooring, acrylic sealants and polyurethane, silicone, and MS polymer applications. Our knowledge of markets and processes means we can also help you meet the growing demand for more flexible batch production, with equipment recommendations and implementation support. And because you produce any color from just a small range of core Holland Colours colorants, we can help you reduce stock holding and control lead times more effectively.

Energy Infrastructure – enhancing safety and ease of identification

Energy distribution is a fundamental part of our everyday life, and the backbone of modern society. Color plays an important role, from power generation to its delivery at the end user. From helping to identify the cables in people’s homes, to coloring the insulators for overhead lines, Holland Colours offers a solution for each phase of the chain.

Household Products – regulatory and production peace of mind

Compliance with food contact regulations is the number one priority for manufacturers of household products. Our colorants meet and beat our customers’ expectations for injection and hot-press molding of silicone rubber parts.

General – let’s talk about what you need

In addition to the applications mentioned, we offer solutions and support for customers operating in a range of other markets and industries. These include offshore and marine (glazing, anti-fouling, yacht decking, construction seals), medical, and other specialty applications. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.



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