We imagine, create and manufacture the highest quality solid and liquid colorants, color masterbatches and advanced polymer additives for your plastic products.

Colorants and service for polymer producers

Buy a plastic colorant or plastic additive from Holland Colours and you not only get the highest quality product, you also get unrivalled customer-focused technical service.

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Holland Colours develops, produces and commercializes solid and liquid colorants, masterbatches and additives for coloring rigid and flexible PVC for the building and construction industry, as well as PET and polyolefins for the packaging industry. Next to serving these global markets, we offer color concentrates for coatings, elastomers and adhesives and other applications.

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40 years of coloring experience has resulted in a full palette colorants, masterbatches and pastes for coloring PVC, PET and many more polymers. This includes transparent, opaque colors and colors creating a visual effect. We can add functionality in combination with any specific color as required: a one-pack solution.

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In 1979, sustainability wasn’t on most people’s minds. But, back then, our unique biobased technology, already differed in several significant ways from the colorants then used. Since that time, our offering has evolved into a range of sustainable colorants and additives. Come and talk to us and find out how we can enable your recycling goals.


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We provide products, know-how, singular technology and exceptional services that enable you to differentiate your brands and products in a fast-changing competitive market.

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Looking to create, build or refresh a brand? Or maybe you want to extend shelf life? Our laboratories are experienced developers of custom FDA-compliant colors for alcoholic drinks.

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Black thermoformed trays

While near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers do a wonderful job of identifying and sorting plastics for recycling, black plastic cannot be identified. Our sortable black colorant supports NIR identification on black plastics – a huge benefit for recycling streams.

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Carbonated soft drinks

Whether you want to generate shelf appeal, reinforce a brand image, protect your product better or all three, we offer a full palette of colors for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

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Condiments and dry food

Colored plastic packaging is a differentiator that builds brand value in the eating on-the-go trend and offers a longer shelf life. Our bright and sophisticated colors, metallic and pearlescent effects can color your success.

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Cosmetics & Personal Care

We offer a full range of esthetic colors to help you reflect your unique identity and to create a special effect, and a slip agent to prevent scratching during production.

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Our products provide maximum opacity and the most even color distribution for a great looking finish. And if you prefer to use uncolored packaging, we can building UV protection right into the bottle to safeguard the color of your formula.

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We work closely with designers in the flooring industry to develop countless shades and effects that reflect the latest fashions and trends. Thanks to our high quality standards, we ensure maximum lightfastness and we guarantee batch-to-batch consistency.

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Whether you want to enhance shelf life, promote a fresh, clean look or stand out on the shelf, we offer functional colors that help sell your product and provide outstanding protection of dairy.

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Fruit juices

Freshly prepared fruit juices are all about authentic taste and providing the best that nature has to offer. We offer a range of protective colorants and additives to maintain your product’s integrity for longer.

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Our colorants for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) are available in standard color ranges and are suitable for both batch and continuous EPS coloring. All our solutions are easy to build into your existing production process and require no additional fixing agents.

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Pure, refreshing bottled water that looks great on the shelf and tastes fantastic. We offer colorants and a special additive technology for bottles forwater that help to maintain your product’s taste for longer.

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The healthcare industry runs on high quality and strict performance and environmental requirements. Appealingly designed bottles, with consistent colors between production runs, communicate brand quality and reliability.

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Pipes & Fittings

When you offer dozens of different product types, consistent color-coding is key to identifying the right one. We can create customized colors for the most demanding pipe, tubing and fitting applications and environments.

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We work closely with our customers to help them control their costs and match colors perfectly. As a Holland Colours customer, you can use our comprehensive weathering database and testing system to define the best formulations for your products.

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RTD – Ready to drink tea

Tea, energy drinks and vitamin water are sensitive products that need to be handled with care. Our packaging colorants make your brand stand out and are available with and without light/ UV protection.

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Recycled PET

Post-consumer recycled PET resin typically looks discolored and less transparent compared with 100% virgin PET resin. We offer products that offset any yellow or green tint in flake and granular recycled PET.

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Manufacturers of extruded and molded-profile sheets require a flexible, clean and cost-effective coloring process. We offer several encapsulated-pigment coloring solutions and are easy to handle and extrude.

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Our solutions for plastic vinyl siding, cladding and weatherboarding provide the highest level of coloring performance for capstock and substrate applications. We also have a database of outdoor weathering and heat build-up data that you can use.

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Safeguard your current brand identity or create a new one with our help. Our barrier technology and mono/ multi-layer compatibility are just some of the reasons we’re a trusted source for spirit packaging colorant.

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Microbeads, an eco-friendly carrier, a bio-derived pigment and a low melting point and ultra-low dosing capability. Natural Collection is perfect for cosmetics and personal care brands. Use for transparent applications.

A plastic additive that helps to cut heating time and, therefore, energy requirements during bottle blowing. Good news for you carbon footprint. Also available as a NIR detectable version.

Look, no additives. Encapsulated color pigments that support melt-free and burn-free laser marking without needing laser marking additives. Ideal for imprinting brand, production date, batch number, use-by and other information onto PET bottles.

Protecting the taste of premium mineral water, TasteGuard catches the naturally occurring acetaldehyde (AA) that can affect the taste of the non-sparkling water during PET production and processing.

Widening the applicability of rPET in colorless bottles, Tintmask neutralizes the color cast of lower grade rPET while maintaining brand esthetics. Cut costs by incorporating a wider range of rPET, including the cheapest grades.

Enables the sorting of black plastics. Tested at Tomra & Suez. Sort shows no interaction with metal detectors, as confirmed by tests at Loma.

Microbeads and an eco-friendly carrier, with a low melting point and support for ultra-low dosing. Holcobatch® is typically used for light color applications and delivers the highest coloring homogeneity. Use for transparent applications.

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“Every batch we produce, will be exactly the same as the very first batch that was approved by the customer. We are known in the market for our batch2batch consistency."

Inneke Indriati – Holland Colours Asia, Operations Manager