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Product Code: Product Code: 18-10-15420
Color: Color: Violet
Application: Application: EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

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Holcobatch® is a colorant that is easy to incorporate into your production process, requires no additional fixing agent during the expansion process and minor changes in the standard (pre-)expansion settings. It supports both batch and continuous machinery processes. Key compound end-properties such as insulation and flame retardancy are unaffected when you color with Holcobatch®

Holcobatch® properties at a glance:
• Dust-free thanks to encapsulated pigment in a free-flowing pigment concentrate 
• Microbead format with average diameter of 500-750 microns 
• Low dosing 
• Carrier melting point of 85°C

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What do I need to color EPS foam?
It’s surprisingly easy to color expanded polystyrene. All you need to do is add the colorants beads into the expander. Holcobatch from Holland Colours is a wax-based colorant with a melting point, around 85 °C. The rotational mechanism in the expander makes that the color is evenly divided over the beads.

Manufacturers don’t need any extra equipment to color EPS foam, though an automated feeder is useful. When colored EPS is frequently produced. We have equipment suitable for batch and continuous machinery


Can I color EPS without using fixing agents?
You can if you use our Holcobatch colorant. Holcobatch is simple to incorporate into the standard EPS production process, requires no additional fixing agent during expansion and maintains the familiar properties of your product.


Do I need special equipment to color EPS?
If you batch process EPS, then no, you don’t. Just add the colorant manually The eps beads go into the expander. So, if you work manually, in batches, you do not need any additional equipment.

In a continuous production process, the EPS is heated in the expander. Here It helps to use an automatic dosing tool to feed the Holcobatch colorant directly into the expander. Holland Colours recommends the Movacolor T-Kit dosing unit. 


Does the color fade during use?
The quality of colored EPS foam – its performance, color depth and color homogeneity – depends on the kind of colorant you use and how much. Holcobatch is a wax-based colorant that effectively smears over the surface when melted and mixed with the EPS beads.


Is it easy to color EPS foam?
It is if you use Holcobatch colorants! Expanded polystyrene foam is suitable for use in block molding, sheet molding and transfer molding production processes. There is no need to use additional fixing agents during the expansion process and it doesn’t affect the standard extrusion temperature profile. Key compound end-properties such as insulation and flame retardance are also not affected by coloring products with Holcobatch.

We recommend a maximum dose of 0.5% Holcobatch. More than this can affect the integrity of the final product, though this may not matter depending on what it is and its intended use. A 0.5% dose is enough to create strong and attractive pastel shades. Deep colors and blacks are not possible. As well as a standard color palette, we can develop customized shades for specific needs.


Can Holland Colours’ Holcobatch EPS foam colorants be used in food-related applications?
Some Holcobatch series are approved as food-safe by the FDA and it is widely used to color PET bottles, for example. However, the way Holcobatch colors expanded polystyrene foam is not approved for food-contact use. This means you cannot, at present, use Holcobatch to color food-contact polystyrene products.


Does Holcobatch coat or color the EPS?
It coats it, though it does penetrate the surface of the EPS as well. This means it won’t rub off.


How can I clean my machines?
We advise that after approximate 3 batches of uncolored EPS the expander is clean again. If possible we always advice a dedicated Expander, tubes and storage silo’s for producing with colorant, just to prevent contamination.