We create and manufacture high-quality solid and liquid colorants, masterbatches and additives. Our products are designed to be well suited for coloring rigid and flexible PVC, PET, Polyolefins and other polymers. We serve many different markets within Building & Construction, including, but not limited to, profiles, pipes, siding and cladding. We also have a proven track record in cooperating with Packaging companies to differentiate their products. In addition to serving these markets, we offer color concentrates for coatings, elastomers, adhesives and other applications.

We have a tradition of working with our customers on both specialized projects and general production processes. Customers and our technical experts collaborate regularly to create new color solutions that deliver precise color matches, perfect color distribution and enhanced color consistency. The result is total peace of mind.

As an employee-owned company, teamwork, pro-activeness, competence, accountability and responsibility drive our company culture. We are passionate about our customers and color.

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Holland Colours was founded in 1979 by a group of experts in pigments who saw a need for less dusty colorants than those available on the market at the time. They decided to have a go at doing things differently and better. After working closely together with an initial customer, our innovative product, Holcobatch, was released and ended up transforming the market.

PVC, PET, and more

Even today, Holcobatch remains unique, delivering unrivalled coloring performance for a wide range of polymers. And the innovative spirit lives on. Other breakthrough products include highly loaded Holcoprill for the Packaging and Building & Construction markets and our Holcomer for the dairy PET packaging industry.

As our portfolio has grown, so has our business. The company that began in a brick shed in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, now covers the world. We have manufacturing and/or sales operations in the Netherlands, the United States, United Kingdom, Hungary, Indonesia (two facilities), Canada, and Mexico. From here more than 400 Holland Colours employees serve local and global customers.

Employee-owned commitment to you

Today we work with companies everywhere to develop, produce and commercialize the finest customer-specific coloring products you can get. Being employee-owned, we go further to create color solutions that give you a competitive advantage, and deliver the kind of service that gives you true peace of mind.


Our dedicated Product Stewardship departments at our facilities oversee regulatory compliances of our entire product range. They communicate with customers, suppliers and officials in order to ensure that correct declarations are issued according to relevant regulations. This includes SDS, RoHS, European and FDA compliances with regards to food contact materials and involves an active approach to understand and support regulatory challenges our customers face. An example is the understanding and interpretation of Non Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) for our packaging customers in the relevant European Directives.


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Coen Vinke
Chief Executive Officer

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Tanja van Dinteren
Chief Financial Officer

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Eelco van Hamersveld
Chief Technology Officer

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Glen Ewing Holland | Corporate Account Management | Holland Colours Canada