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Eye catching colorants and performance solutions for other markets

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As well as serving the global Packaging and Building & Construction markets, Holland Colours offers a number of products for other applications. We continuously look for strategic partners to co-create solutions that add value to all parties involved.

Depending on your region, we also offer colorants for: 

  • Shopping bags, Polybags
  • Mulch Film
  • OPP Tapes
  • PU Flexible Foam
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Fibre Glass & Buttons
  • Paving Blocks
  • Artificial Stone, Cast PMMA
  • PP non-woven and spunbond
  • Coatings: Cheese Coating, Fleece Coating, EPS, PU casting, Seed Coating, Art Moss
  • Flexible PVC: Stationary, Wallpaper, Conveyer Belts, Buoys, Tarpaulin
  • Prosthetics
  • GFR (Glass Fiber Reinforced) Nylon
  • Silicone rubber & elastomers


You want to produce attractive packaging as efficiently and economically as possible, our custom solutions can help. We provide products, know-how, singular technology and exceptional services that enable you to differentiate your brands and products in a fast-changing competitive market.

solid silicones

Colorants for solid silicones

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Colorants for liquid silicones

quote_egbert Holland Colours | Other applications

“We don’t just sell a product. If customers have a question or a technical issue, we have very dedicated, well-trained colleagues who really take care. They will try to address it immediately or even solve it on the spot."

Egbert Boerrigter – Holland Colours Europe, Head of Division Europe